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How to Change Wordpress Salts & Keys? and WHY?

Easily you can change WordPress salts and keys with Bravo, It is only just a button click for more secure encryption. But, Why should I change the Wordpress salts? and what are these salts?!
When we want to answer these questions we should know more about Wordpress Cookies.

Wordpress Cookies

The defination of the Wordpress cookie comes from Wordpress itself.

WordPress uses cookies, or tiny pieces of information stored on your computer, to verify who you are. There are cookies for logged in users and for commenters.

Wordpress Salts

WordPress created a helpful (keys and salts) to make its cookies in a higher level of security, The WordPress cookies should be encrypted before storing it in the users browser.
The Wordpress salts and keys should be unique, for this reason you should change it. But in order to change it you should replace it with correct salts or keys. Wordpress provides an API to change these salts which you can use it to change it manullay from 'wp-config.php'.

How to change Wordpress salts?

Using Bravo, All you need is just a click on the 'update now', check the next screenshot...

Wordpress wp-admin Dashboard >> Bravo Menu >> WPConfig Tweak >> Authentication Unique Keys and Salts
wordpress salts

WordPress depends on the safety of these salts, once they are compromised the security behind authentication is relatively weak. So, you must update these SALTs or keys periodically.
Alert: You and all logged in users will be logged out once the change has been done!