Wordpress Malware Scanner

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BRAVO Wordpress Malware Scanner?!

Like we mentioned at the Wordpress Antivirus article, Bravo provides you with six scanners to get a clean Wordpress website.
The Wordpress malware scanner is an important security tool, We designed it to make suspection list to you, You will decide what are the whitelist files and what are the malware and unwanted files?!

Wordpress wp-admin Dashboard >> Admin Bar (Bravo) >> Start Scan
wordpress malware scanner

Then click on the "Malware Scanner", You should see the directories screen.
wordpress antivirues

Manullay select the directories or/and the files you want to check, Then click "Start Scan" button below the files and directories list.
Here is the scanner, It is running ...
wordpress antivirues scanner

After the scanner finish his task, The buttons will changed to "Start Over" and "Take Action", If you have suspection files, You should click on "Take Action" button in order to put some files in whitelist ot delete it.
wordpress malware scanner done

The 'take action' screen should be like this ...
wordpress malware take action

With the Bravo Wordpress malware scanner, you could catch more of the malicious files, The strategy is the dangerous codes and the non-PHP files which contain PHP codes.