Wordpress Housekeeping

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Wordpress HouseKeeping

In order to clean Wordpress, you should use the Bravo Wordpress housekeeping module, Like as the house, It should be clean to work fine.
There are some unused files you may want to delete it if you remember it, Bravo refer to it and you the decision owner to delete or let it.
There are also some rows in the Wordpress database, In order to clean wordpress database you should use software, Bravo helps you to remove unwanted rows like:

  • Posts (Revision)
  • Posts (Draft)
  • Posts (Auto Draft)
  • Posts (Meta)
  • Moderated Comments
  • Trash Comments
  • Spam Comments
  • Comment Meta
  • Relationships
  • Dashboard Transient Feed

The Bravo TMP files, You should remove it. Just click the '/tmp [delete]' button and Bravo will finish this task.
Check the Wordpress Housekeeping from the Bravo menu every week at least to keep your Wordpress works fine.

wordpress housekeeping