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Wordpress Error Pages By Bravo

Every Wordpress theme design the WordPress error pages or Wordpress 404 pages to be in a good look when the page not found. Bravo also makes the same, but to hide Wordpress.

Bravo lets you choose which template you want to see when the Wordpress page not found, Many nice templates available.
The Bravo Wordpress error pages technique is for hiding Wordpress not only to be in a good look, You can include the search box in any of these templates, But it is not recommended, because the main aim is hiding WP.

Bravo lets you to add a custom message to be the error message when the guest gets the Wordpress 404 pages.
Note: These templates are available for the 404 and 403 error pages if you enabled the Bravo error pages.

Wordpress wp-admin Dashboard >> Bravo Menu >> Error Pages
wordpress error pages