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Wordpress Crons By Bravo

The Wordpress crons or cron jobs are the scheduled events you or the developer need to add it to run at a specified date and time to some tasks through running codes or some scripts.

If you are not a Wordpress developer you will not able to add events to the WP cron, You can use some plugins to these tasks for you.
Bravo Security has some events, It had included under Cronjobs Module with the Bravo, You can disable or enable any Bravo events.

Bravo Wordpress Cron Jobs

Not just enable or disable some events, You can choose the specified time to recurring these scheduled events.

Current Bravo Events

  1. Database Backup: Recommeded: Daily
  2. Database Scan (antivirus): Recommeded: Daily
  3. File Change Detection (antivirus): Recommeded: Hourly
  4. Traffic Tracker Monitor Update: Recommeded: Every 1 Minute

Bravo Crons Recurring Times

  1. Once every minute
  2. Once every 5 minutes
  3. Once every 30 minutes (twice hour)
  4. Once every hour
  5. Twice Daily (every 12 hours)
  6. Twice every week
  7. Once every week

Wordpress wp-admin Dashboard >> Bravo Menu >> Cronjobs
wordpress cron

How To Run Cron Jobs On Your Host?!

Make sure that your host has a command to run the wp-cron.php every minute or less (if available).

* * * * * php -q /home/host-username/path-to-wordpress/wp-cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1