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What is the Bravo Wordpress Antivirus?

With Bravo Wordpress antivirus you can scan multiple times with different scanners, Bravo provides you with six scanners.

  1. Malware Scanner:
    Scan for web malicious codes like e.g: shell files.
  2. PHPMussel Scanner:
    Scan for viruses and malware files like e.g: uploaded files from affected computer.
  3. Google Safe Browsing Scanner:
    Scan for pages which marked by browsers as malware or phishing pages.
  4. Spam Listing Scanner:
    Check if your domain or URLs marked as spam.
  5. Database Scanner:
    Scan database to check if it contains any XSS codes via any SQL Injection bugs at your Wordpress.
  6. File Change Detection Scanner:
    Scan directories and files to check if there are any changes (new, altered or deleted files).

Attachments Auto Scan

If it is enabled, The attachment auto scan will be a good idea, If you have editors which they have the ability to write articles (posts) and upload attachments.
For this reason bravo adds this option! Because we may do not trust our editors or the freelance writers.

This screen of the settings, How to enable or disable it:
Wordpress antivirus

This an example for the auto-scan process:
wordpress scan attachments for malware

Wordpress Antivirus Scan Process

When you decide to check your files, database or the website link, You should choose the appropriate scanner.
The Malware Scanner Will help you to detect the Shell files and the php files which have some dangerous functions.

You may have some suspected files while it are not viruses or malware, You should add it to Whitelist in order to avoid to catch it agian.

The Wordpress Antivirus Process Example:
wordpress antivirus

The Wordpress Antivirus Scanner Process Example:
wordpress antivirus scanner

File Change Detection

The file change detection scanner can run manually or automatically by adding a new event to cronjobs.
- More details about Bravo Wordpress Cronjobs

The comparison runs based on the past scan results and the current process, This tool compares file size and modification date between the current files and the past files,
Then it tells you the results (new files, modified files and deleted files).

If you add the file change event to Wordpress cronjob through Bravo, Every time it runs and catch some changes, It will send you an email to notify you to check the last file change results.

Email Notification Example:
wordpress file change scanner