Installation Guide

BRAVO WP ultimate security - Wordpress Plugin, Read full features to learn how to secure Wordpress site using Bravo.

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Bravo Security Wordpress Plugin Installation


- Multisite Supported.

Simple requirements and available at any host ..
  • PHP +5.4
  • Wordpress +4.7
  • PHP Function: chmod()
  • PHP Function: fopen()
  • PHP Function: fread()
  • PHP Function: fputs()
  • PHP Function: file_get_contents()
  • PHP Function: unlink()
  • PHP Function: filesize()
  • PHP.ini: allow_url_fopen
  • Apache: .htaccess
  • Nginx: nginx.conf

(1) Install From Wordpress

The installation from Wordpress plugins directory for the trail version only. But the pro version needs to upload.
Just search for 'bravo security' then click 'Install' then 'Activate' .

(2) Install by Uploading .zip File

From your wp-admin dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New .. Click 'Upload Plugin'.

Then click 'Install Now', Then 'Activate'.

(3) Install Using FTP

  1. Extract the .zip File
  2. Go to /path-to-wordpress/wp-content/plugins/
  3. Create folder with this name 'bravo-security'
  4. Upload all contents to the new folder.
  5. Go to wp-admin dashboard >> Plugins, Find 'BRAVO WP Ultimate Security' >> click 'activate'.

Bravo Configuration

After installation and activation, Please go to 'Bravo Dashboard'. You will see at the bottom-right of the page pop up to notify you to start the configuration.
Click the 'Start Configuration' button.
You will move to the configuration wizard ...

The Wizard Step (2) - Requirements
It is important before continue, You should make sure that your hosting meets the minimum requirements.
Do not continue if you does not see all requirements available.

The Wizard Step (3) - Constants
The installation wizard will insert some default values to put you at a good level of security.
These practice is not all every thing and it is not the best, But it is good step to start with Bravo security.

Here are these constants:
  1. Hiding Wordpress Version
  2. Creating Security HASH (for more WP nonce security)
  3. Enabling Brute Force Protection
  4. Enabling Enforce Strong Passwords
  5. Inserting Your Current IP to 'Brute Force Whitelist'
  6. Inserting Your Current IP to 'Firewall Whitelist'
  7. Creating Firewall Profile
  8. Set PHP Security to High Level
  9. Filechange First Scan

The Wizard Step (4) - Permissions The plugin confirm if the directories and files it needs are writable or not.
Do not worry, Bravo creates its own folder and it will write into it only.

The Wizard Step (5) - Finsih