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How to Hide My Wordpress with Bravo Security Plugin?

In order to hide wordpress, You should not only hide or remove wordpress version, also you should hide wp-login and wp-admin as additional security layer for your wordpress.
Bravo leads you to more WordPress security, From many security layers, You can easily hide the important parts of WordPress.

Hide / Remove Wordpress Version

To remove wordpress version, There are many of locations which show wordpress version.
At the source of page, there is the meta generator, Like this:

<meta name="generator" content="WordPress 4.8.x">

Bravo helps you to remove this line easy.

Wordpress version also appears in the last part of some scripts and css links which called at the source of the page, Like this:

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://example.com/wp-content/themes/style/js/script.js?ver=4.8.x'></script>

Bravo helps you to hide the WP version and encode it.

Hide WP Login Page

Hiding the wp-login.php is the most powerful trick to make hackers confused, they cannot reach your real login path to the admin area or member area if they are using the random attack.

The default WP login page is 'wp-login.php', with the huge number of WP installs, You may be on of the hacker targets.
So, You should rename this link not the file, Bravo let you choose a new name for the login page and the default page will show a 404 error page for anyone.

If you choose to hide 'wp-login.php' with Bravo, You will able to cross to the dashboard using the new login name only.
Please be careful while you choose the new name, Be sure you know and remember it very good.

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Hide WP Admin Dashboad

The admin area is the most dangerous area, so you must make it in the best security level. If you change its name from WP-admin to anything, that means all guests will be denied to reach it, only logged in users who can reach it after using the hidden WP-login new path.
By the way, Wordpress does not let developers to change the name of the wp-admin folder, because so many core functions need it.

We should trick the attackers when they request wp-admin page, So Bravo helps you to hide this page 'wp-admin' and a 404 page appears.
No way to cross to the wp-admin dashboard except the wp-login page or the new wp-login page (if you hide wp-login).