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How to Change Wordpress DB Prefix? and WHY?

Every Wordpress developer, the bad guys and most of Wordpress users know the default Wordpress DB prefix "wp_".
The Wordpress database is the important part if you want to be on the safe side with your blog, So all Wordpress websites should change their WP DB prefix.
After you finish this article you could know how to change Wordpress DB prefix.

Bravo includes amazing DB prefix modification wizard, All what you need to do is taking the decision.

Now, I am teaching you how to change Wordpress DB prefix using Bravo wizard.
First, make sure you already installed Bravo security plugin and finish it through the configuration wizard.

Wordpress wp-admin Dashboard >> Bravo Menu >> WPConfig Tweak >> Database Table Prefix
change wordpress db prefix

Automatically, Bravo takes a fresh and new backup of your Wordpress database, So please make sure that the Bravo Backups Directory is writable.

There are many options for a complex prefix, You can choose prefix for the DB prefix, It means, If you want to change the default DB prefix to 'WE4W', you can do this with another prefix like 'wp_WE4W'.

You can choose from many options :

  1. wp_
  2. wp
  3. bravo_
  4. bravo
  5. none Without part 1

Bravo needs a writable 'wp-config.php' in order to be able to replace the old prefix with new prefix, So .. If you can not change your wp-config permissions or you do not know what are the writable permissions,
You should click 'Try Now' button beside the 'wp-config.php' row in the wizard (it appears only if it is not writable).
If the wizard cannot change the permissions, you should change it manually to be able to continue.

When you click the 'Start' button, You will see the comparison between the old tables and the new tables, this means the wizard need confirmation from you to continue changing the Wordpress database prefix.

Click 'Continue' if you sure, or click 'Start Over'
change db prefix wordpress

99.99% with no errors, but if you have an error you can easily restore your old database and wp-config.php, You should find the backups inside the Bravo backup directory.