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Change WordPress Structure Paths

The new themes,plugins,wp-includes or uploads path which we choose to set it in this example is not the default new value, but you have full control to choose new values.


Live Example:
The new theme path
instead of


Live Example:
The new plugins path
instead of


Live Example:
The new uploads path
instead of


Live Example:
The new includes path
instead of

Hide wp-admin

if you request the wp-admin directly you will see 404 page, It is not the theme page because we need to hide Wordpress, Please try this link:

Hide wp-login

if you request the wp-login.php you will see the 404 page. Please try this:

But you may need to login, So please try this link:

You are free to choose the new login link name, some examples here: mylogin, my_login, mylogin2 ,my_login2 or my_login_2.

Register Link

You can use the new register link like this link:
Also, you can choose its name as you want.

Blacklist Usernames

Please try to login or register using any of these names:
Login Link: Register Link:

Blacklist Email Providers(hosts)

Please try to register using any email

You are free to choose what the blacklisted usernames to login or/and register also you can reset the blacklisted email providers then add new hosts like, or/and

please read more about the Bravo Wordpress brute force protection, check the next link:


You will be able to activate reCAPATCHA for comments,login,register or/and lost password.
Please try this link to register:

and this to reset password:

and this for comment (if you are guest -not logged in):

Two Factor or 2-step Verification

You able to choose one or four methods to confirm the second step of the login, You can also choose which user roles can use this option.

In the next example I choose the four PIN numbers to confirm the second step of my login for the 'demo' user, Please check this:
Login Name: [email protected]
Password: aO#j7#ZktdGUDLW1qz78RWQP

I enforced to use strong password also because I activated brute force passwords option. Also, I choose the login method with E-Mail only, So you can get it now, The random attack with usernames are prevented here.

You may like to continue, So use these four numbers to confirm your PIN:
1 2 3 6
It is recommended to read more about the two factors, please check the next link:

Host Bandwidth Saver

the hotlinking is prevented by Bravo if you turned it on.If you want to copy the link of the photo in the next link you can not do it because the Hotlinking was prevented:

So, I turned the non-iframes option on, try to open inside *iframe, you should be redirected to because I choose to do this, You can replace by any other link.

Firewall Blocked Screen

If you got blocked, you should see this page:
and you can not browse the front end before you get unblocked.

The firewall is set on the High level, So try for example, to request +5 pages do not exist on the site, for example:

if you requested it +5 times you will get the maximum 404 error page attempts, Firewall will block you, you should wait about 15 mins to get unblocked, You can set the period higher than 15 mins or you can set it to never unblock.

You should read more about the Bravo Wordpress firewall, please check the next link:

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